Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Determination of trace amount of Mercury after derivatization with Phenylboronic acid using DLLME-GC    M.Sc.    abedi ostad, maryam    0000-00-00
2    Study of devolopment of ionic liquid in microextraction methods as stationary phase and in Gc , HPLC methods as stationary and mobile phase modifire and improvement of extraction efficiency using carbon nanotubes    Ph.D    vatani, hossein    2010-09-14
3    Structural modification of SPME fibers with sol-gel technique using surfactants and graphene oxide nano sheets and apply for extraction and separation of environmental pollutantsModificatio of monolithic capillary columns for in tube-solid phase microextraction using nanostractures    Ph.D    Yekkebashi, Ali    2011-09-18
4    Determination of Environmental pollutants using solid phase microextraction with carbon nano tubes with gas chromatography–flame ionisation    M.Sc.    Sayyar Ardaki, Masoomeh    2011-12-03
5    micronutrients and contaminants in complex matrices as food and soil samples using new extraction techniques    Ph.D    Raouf yazdinejad, Samane    2012-09-21
6    Saparation and determination of aromatic amine compounds in the real water samples using the sol-gel technique modified with ionic liquids for making solid phase microextraction fibers coupled with gas chromatography flame ionization detector    M.Sc.    abbasi, vajiheh    2012-10-20
7    Separation and Determination of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons using solid phase microextraction fiber based on sol - gel technique with gas chromatography - flame ionization detector    M.Sc.    ziaie roostamzadeh, fatemeh    2012-10-20
8    Supercritical fluid extraction of lipid from C. vulgaris and fatty acids profiling    Ph.D    Moradi Kheibari, Narges    2014-02-01
9    1) Eextraction, separation, destruction and removal of environmental pollutants copper oxide-poly ethylene glycol nanocomposite with new and modified solid phase micro extraction 2) Evaluation of defense mechanisms in Norway spruce trees against pathogens and use of biological control method in ord    Ph.D    zendegishiraz, amene    2014-02-01
10    Magnetic nano-particle modified with Molecular Imprinting Polymer for selective extraction of Tetra-cycline in aqueous samples with HPLC    M.Sc.    taheri, amir    2014-02-08
11    Preparation of magnetic coated nanocomposite with carbon nanotubes and Carbon nanofiber use of them in microextraction for separation of environmental pollutants and measurement Chromatography Device    M.Sc.    rokhian, talat    2014-02-08
12    Electrochemical oxidation of ethanol at the modified electrode based on clay/Pt nano partice and electrochemical oxidation of methanol at the modified electrode based on carbon nano tube/core-shell SiO2@Au/Pt nano particle    M.Sc.    SAGHI, ESMAT    2014-05-31
13    Determination of poly cycelic hydrocarbons in water by dispersive extraction with magnetic nano particles coated by conductive polymer    M.Sc.    bagheri, navid    2014-11-08
14    The use of nanoparticles coated with polypyrrole and carbon nanotubes to separation environmental pollutants by GC-FID    M.Sc.    Abdar, Abbas    2014-11-08
15    Fe3O4@polypyrrole/carbon nanospheres nanocomposite as adsorbent magnetic solid-phase extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from environmental water samples with gas chromatography    M.Sc.    abbasi, sajjad    2015-11-14
16    Preparation of new sorbent Magnetic nanoparticles modified with molecular impiting polymer and chitosan for selective extraction of tetracycline in water samples and determination by high-performance liquid chromatography    M.Sc.    NAKHODCHI, SARA    2015-11-14
17    The synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles coated with conductive polymers (polyaniline) and graphene for extraction and separation of environmental pollutants (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or aromatic amines or …) by gas chromatography    M.Sc.    najdi, amir    2015-12-26
18    (Fe3O4@polyaniline/CNS) Nanocomposite as adsorbent magnetic solid-phase extraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from environmental water samples with gas chromatography    M.Sc.    Mohammadi, Mohammad hossein    2016-01-23
19    Separation and determination of environmental pollutants and some important drugs using nano-structures layered double hydroxides (LDH) as adsorbent, together with the use of new techniques of microextraction and chromatography methods    Ph.D    Otoukesh, Mahdiyeh    2016-09-06
20    Determination of important drugs in biological matrices such as:blood,urine,plasma... by implying of new micrextraction techniques with chromatographic methods    Ph.D    Samadi, Fatemeh    2016-09-14
21    Synthesiz and application of cerium oxide nanoparticales in solid phase extraction for Preconcetration of trace levels of copper followed by flame atomic absorption spectrometry    M.Sc.    jehad, hayder    2016-11-26
22    Pre-concentration of phthalate esters in various real samples by different new nanosorbents such as Chitosan-based solid sorbents using dispersive solid phase extraction and separation of analytes by gas and liquid chromatography    Ph.D    Razavi, Nourolhoda    2017-01-03
23    Combining magnetic solid-phase extraction and dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction methods for preconcentration environmental pollutants prior their gas chromatography analysis    M.Sc.    moradi, nasrin    2017-02-04